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A team of selected experts has brought visible, valuable and rich experience in research and applied data science. Lots of successful projects are building blocks of iReason.

HealthCare and Medical Devices


HYPO is a novel, non-invasive, intelligent, and original proof-of-concept of an embedded device in the form of a wireless sensor that will forever replace analog and digital devices for measuring blood pressure. The purpose of the intelligent model integrated into the HYPO’s microcontroller is to detect hypertension on the basis of blood pressure, based solely on the ECG signal produced by the individual carrying the sensor on his/hers chest.

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Voice Bot Technologies

OpenBrain - The framework that simplified building Language-specific Intelligent VoiceBots.

OpenBrain is a proprietary framework that encompasses the latest advancements in NLP, Speech Processing Technologies, and Knowledge Representation allowing the development of language-specific intelligent voice bots. It incorporates an advanced level of dialog-flow management that accommodates the needs of all languages using language-agnostic methods.

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Digital Assistant

MAIA - Macedonian Artificial Intelligent Digital Assistant.

MAIA uses the recent advents in AI to build a sophisticated digital assistant that aims promoting your business. The digital assistant uses the recent methodologies for Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Generation, Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text. The models are pretrained on Macedonian datasets and provide human-like performances.

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Speech Technologies

MAKEDONKA - The First Macedonian Text-to-Speech Synthesizer.

MAKEDONKA is the first open-source Macedonian language synthesizer based on Deep Learning approach. The methodology for end-to-end speech synthesis is based on a fully-convolutional sequence-to-sequence acoustic model with a position-augmented attention mechanism.

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Speech Technologies


SYNDI is the first human-like intelligent TTS able to synthesise Macedonian dialects. SYNDI is one of the initiative funded by the Ministry of Culture of the N. Macedonia for protecting and permanent conservation of the Macedonian language dialects.

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